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Are you the owner of-or partner in- at least one commercial or industrial income producing property? Do you employ a professional property manager? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions you should ask yourself whether you or your property manager currently:
  • Maintain a log of all major repairs for future reference and expense tracking?
  • Have all invoices approved by the same person incurring the actual expenses?
  • Direct all service vendors with pre-approved purchase orders or work orders?
  • Bid all insurance renewals with at least three qualified carriers? Perform a regular inspection of buildings during off hours for wasted utility activity and proper site lighting conditions?
  • Monitor monthly utility bills for unanticipated increases?
  • Contest property tax values and assessments on a regular basis?
  • Periodically inspect leased premises in order to assure that all mechanical systems such as air conditioning and overhead doors are being properly maintained by the tenant?
  • Provide a follow-up inspection of all new tenancies in order to verify lease conformance?
  • Have an outside auditor spot check accounting systems and bank records?
  • Assure that persons performing monthly bank reconciliations not be permitted to sign checks?
  • Have a dual check signing policy when desired?
  • Seek legal collection of all write-off and bad debts on a contingency basis?
  • Coordinate all accounts payable in order to maximize all discounts?
  • Aggressively enforce all Tenant financial obligations such as late fees, assessments, penalties and three-day notices?
  • Begin negotiations and preparation for all upcoming lease renewals at least 30 days in advance?
  • Keep hard copies of all leases off-site for security and hazard purposes?
  • Have all leases audited by at least three different persons for accuracy on at lease 15-20 items?
  • Seek personal guarantees on all leases?
  • Retain an Information Services Manager to handle all computer-related technical support issues?
  • Perform regular backups of all in-house computer systems to be kept in a secure off-site location?
  • Maintain an Internet website that includes a Current Availability List for 24 hours a day, seven days a week exposure to an international audience of potential prospects?

If you answered no to three or more of the previous questions you should contact us for an evaluation of how we can help you.

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